A good logo

Always a challenge: how should the logo look like for me or my band? A few basic thoughts can help you in choosing and designing. Of all the impressions a person receives with his senses, the visually perceived is the most striking. With the right logo, you are using exactly this perception. It is therefore even more important to place great emphasis on quality and impact. The task of a logo is first of all to create a recognition value for the artist or the band. In addition, the design of the logo for music resp. fit the person/band. Also, you need to worry about whether your well-designed name should already be the logo (as AC/DC did it), or you want to use additional graphics as a key visual (as the Rolling Stones did with the famous tongue out).

So what’s up with the logo design?

– Keep it simple stupid: The simpler a logo is held, the higher the recognition value

– Authenticity: Your logo must match your style. A sweeping romantic lettering is not really felt as happy by fans of a death metal punk band.

– Individuality: Does not do anything that you’ve ever seen elsewhere. Be creative and not a copy.

– Costs: When designing, remember that the logo must be easy to reproduce later. Many colors cost e.g. with later merchandising articles extra money and can sometimes not be faithfully reproduced.

– Technique: Filigree details may not be reproduced later due to technical reasons

– Graphic: Realizes the logo if possible in vectorial form, because only so any infinitely larger later in the reproduction is possible.

We are happy to help you with the ideas, the design and the technical implementation to find the right design for you.

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