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What can we do for you?

Recording & Mastering

Our partner, the recording studio Lark14 in Munich, takes over recording and the mastering of your songs – for CD, vinyl and social media.

Website Design

The right design for your website: Your logo, your photos, your music. We’ll take care of all it takes to make it perfect.

Grafic Design

Whether logo, CD cover, booklet, concert poster, flyer or much more: we design exactly the look that suits you.

Studio Photography

High-quality band photos, documentation of your recording sessions and much more.

Live and Backstage Photography

We accompany you on your events. Setup, backstage, concert, aftershow – the perfect photos to show off.

Portrait Photography

Our character portraits bring the unique personality of every musician perfectly across. We bring out the best in you.

Text for Press, Website and Social Media

We speak your language: in press texts and booklets, on posters and covers … Just everywhere, to make you look professional.


Bandshirts, caps, wristbands, cups, flags, banners, drumsticks, picks, guitar straps and more with your name and logo – printed, lasered or embossed.

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Why us?

Because we can

Photography, Recording, Mastering, Webdesign, Graphics, Text Design, Social Media – in our jobs we are absolute professionals. And we combine our skills to develop the services you need.

We understand artists

Our own passion for music drives us. Decades of record collecting, countless concert visits, beer & sweat & rock ‘n roll!

Rock, Pop, Classik

We are your partners, regardless of your style. Whether it’s a band, an orchestra or a solo artist. We define exactly the language that touches your fans.

Partnership & Transparency

From the first moment of our cooperation we are a team. You can count on us to keep you up to date on all the details.

For any Budget

We talk openly about prices and adapt our offer to your budget. So expect no surprises in the cost. Money you spend is an invest in your success. Have a look at our special offers.

The Team


Jürgen Cechol

Production and Mastering God


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Timo Bierbaum

Photo Artist and Graphic Magician


More information about the guy that takes care of your visuals?
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Our Blog

Timo Bierbaum
Your figurehead Autograph and business cards are the memories that your fans, the producer, the label or radio and television presenters take away from you. They don’t just serve as “mementoes” but can also be collector’s items. Therefore it is
Timo Bierbaum
The core of your brand presence   Why do you need a Logo? Man is a “visual being”. This means that we usually remember graphics and forms more easily than texts or complex contexts. A good, unique, differentiating logo is
Timo Bierbaum
The importance of fan merchandise is often underestimated by many bands. Who delivered well has the enthusiasm of the fans on his side. So it’s close to a memorial to the great evening to take home.
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