Website Design

We develop your website in the perfect design, with your logo and your music integrated into the website.
Keep your promises to your fans: we set up the website, take care of the domain order, the installation at the provider and regularly maintain the site with your updates.

Elements we can place on your website:

  • Logo
  • Presentation of your band members
  • Galleries including pictures of concerts and gigs
  • List of your releases
  • Background music of your songs, even starting automatically (check it out with the top right button on this page!)
  • Audio-Playlists or single songs including cover pictures – even available as download for your fans
  • Videos of your concert
  • Concert announcements incl. Directions and link to the ticket shop
  • Tour dates
  • Your press articles
  • Weblinks to friends and other bands
  • Your own blog
  • Your merchandising products
and of course much, much more. Talk to us and together we will develop a concept and your website!
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